Transexual beauty of the month: Aubrey Kate

Another month another award to give away – this one goes to Aubrey Kate! She was born in 1992 in Las Vegas, baby. At 17 she started hormonal therapy and began working as a club dancer. I’d love to see the moves on her. Apparently this dancing job landed her an audition and the rest is history.

One of her biggest turn off are guys coming to her and telling how hot she is but apologizing to her that they are straight and then back off. What a bunch of losers, amiright? We would treat her right, wouldn’t we guys? She deserves way more than just a few random compliments.

kate 1 683x1024 - Transexual beauty of the month: Aubrey Kate

On her Twitter account, she mentions that she has a boyfriend. All I can say is, he’s one extremely lucky dude! Aubrey has a nice pair of juicy tits, not too big but quite natural looking. Her ass is not that big but still incredible looking when it gets pounded by a hard cock. The best feature in her is that lovely face of hers. Not to mention those eyes, you could dive into them and never ever look back!

Why bother writing more about this beauty? Just go to the actors page and see Aubrey Kate for yourself. Unzip those jeans, lube up and give it a nice hard tug!